The Secrets of Drywall Texturing to Create the Perfect Finish for Your Project

The Secrets of Drywall Texturing to Create the Perfect Finish for Your Project

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Drywall is one of the most popular construction materials for finishing walls to create the right look and feel. 

Last year, 26 billion square feet of drywall was sold nationwide for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 

Drywall is so in demand because of the flexibility you have in creating a finish that matches your vision. The secret of this versatility is the capacity to texture the drywall to create various finishes. We look at the different forms of drywall texturing, so you can have the finish you want on your interior. 


Hand textures use a drywall knife, pan, hawk, and trowel by spreading the mud over the surface. Typically, a paint roller will apply the drywall mud, while brushes, knives, and rollers create the patterns. 

The textures vary depending on the skills, experience, and preferences of the tradesmen. Each tradesperson will produce unique styles and looks into the texture. The most common include the double skip, hand trowel, rosebud, hawk, crow’s foot, and stomp knockdown. 

Hand textures take longer to apply, but you will have a unique finish once everything is completed. 

Fast Finish Interior & Exterior are experts in everything drywall, and we can create an outstanding finish for you. We offer free quotes and tell you the best avenues to give your drywall the look and feel you want. 


Spray textures use machines that feed drywall mud through long hoses and specialized nozzles to create the different styles. The patterns set the finish in the device to place the mud on the wall according to the specifications. There is very little use of hand tools or applications during this process of applying the mud.  

The sprayers come in various shapes, sizes, and brands using a hopper that holds the mud. An air compressor powers a pump that moves the mud through the hoses and special nozzles. The mud pumps out at faster rates and over a larger area to create a universal texture for the drywall. 

An operator uses the gun on the end to shoot out the mud onto the different spots of the drywall. The mud mixes with the air before coming out of the gun to determine the style of the finish. Some of the more common spray textures include orange peel, splatter knockdown, and the popcorn finish. 

Creating the right finish on the drywall texture depends on what you are looking for to decide which approach is used. 

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Smooth finishes are not technically a drywall texture but are trendy for residential and commercial projects. Sometimes, you want a surface on the walls and ceilings that looks professional without many frills. The smooth surface offers this using both hand and spray textures to create outstanding and long-lasting drywall. 

For example, in a residential project remodeling the family room, you are using a smooth surface that is neutral. You never have to worry about clashing, as this surface will go with any look and style. We can use hand techniques or the sprayer to give you exactly what you want with your drywall. 

The smooth finish is popular if you don’t want to worry about the drywall’s design, look, and style. 

Fast Finish Interior & Exterior can take your home or office and create a finish on the drywall to make everything special. We are experts in drywall and know what to do to give you something extra that looks great and is durable. 

Creating the Perfect Finish

Drywall texturing in Fort Lauderdale is a skill that requires patience, knowledge, and experience. Creating the perfect finish means understanding what you want and using the right textures to bring your vision to reality. 

We are craftsmen who know how to give you a unique look and feel in the drywall that lasts for many years. A true professional is someone that understands and applies these skills to provide you with what you want. 

Fast Finish Interior & Exterior are the drywall experts, and we will make your project look great. 

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