Popcorn Removal

Popcorn Ceiling in Delray Beach

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

When you look up at your ceiling, the 1970s popcorn appearance might scream of an outdated appearance. You might even want to sell the home in the near future, but that popcorn look is holding you back from listing the property. As a solution, our contractors are ready to serve you with our expert popcorn ceiling removal skills. We offer fair pricing coupled with extensive experience to transform that ceiling from a popcorn frustration into a fresh surface for almost any Fort Lauderdale single-family home or condominium.

Our process begins with a thorough evaluation of your property. We’ll examine the ceiling for any issues, such as cracks or other decline, and map out a procedure to protect the rest of your home during the popcorn removal process. Typically, we cover all of your furniture and floors within the working area and beyond. It’s true that popcorn removal is a messy process, so we strive to cover as many surfaces as possible to keep your home clean throughout its spaces.

Popcorn Ceiling removal Tamarac

The popcorn removal procedure itself is relatively simple. Our skilled contractors will moisten the popcorn and begin to scrape it away. We’ll continue to work on the ceiling in small sections until all of the popcorn is removed. In most cases, we continue the ceiling treatment process with a knockdown texture installation. This modern ceiling style simply requires joint compound and a skilled hand to form unique swirls and stalactites across the ceiling’s surface. Our customers often prefer knockdown texture applied to old popcorn ceilings because the style actually hides any ceiling imperfections displayed by older homes.

Our professionals take every precaution necessary before starting a popcorn removal project. If your home was built prior to 1980, asbestos could possibly be within the popcorn material. Our expert team will research every aspect of your property to ensure that any asbestos is removed with care. The resulting ceilings will have an updated look in almost any color you prefer. Popcorn removal gives the home an entirely different look that pleases homeowners and potential buyers. Allow our professionals to transform your home’s appearance with skills refined over many years.