Expert Advice from the Drywall Finishing Service on How We Make Your Drywall Look Great

Expert Advice from the Drywall Finishing Service on How We Make Your Drywall Look Great

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Drywall finishing is necessary to make your sheetrock have a look that enhances your walls to stand out. The finish shows a beauty that lasts for many years and will be something that makes you proud. The key to having that perfect finish is using specific approaches bringing the sheetrock together, and blending them with the primer and paint. You cannot tell that the wall is made of sheetrock from the professional finish. 

Our drywall finishing service uses specific practices that make your walls look great and brings out the colors. We want you to have walls that create a comfortable environment to enhance the style of every room. The drywall texturing in Tamarac is one of the avenues that creates a unique look and feel. 

The Secrets of Drywall Finishing

Drywall finishing is an art, and it requires skill, experience, and knowing what to do to make the wall look outstanding. The lack of knowledge or experience leads to poor quality, and we are called in to do the job right. Don’t try to do drywall yourself; call us, and we can help you to make your walls perfect from start to finish. 

Our drywall finishing service is built from years of experience learning the best avenues to make the sheetrock something special. We found that specific practices enhance your drywall to create a fantastic look and feel. 

Hanging the Drywall

The first part of an excellent drywall finish is how you hang the sheetrock on the wall, with the panels tight against beams and joints. 

  • You should countersink all of the screws into the wall where they are not ripping the paper. 
  • The screws need 12 inches of spacing on ceilings and 16 inches on the walls.
  • The corners and panels need to have a space of ¼ of an inch, and the ceiling seems should be tight. You want to go for a firm look, but we can work around the small gaps to give the wall a smooth look when we are finished. 

Hanging the drywall takes experience and training to ensure the panels are correctly fastened with the proper spacing. 

At Fast Finish Interior & Exterior, we specialize in drywall and know what to do to make every room look fantastic. You always want to use a drywall finishing service that specializes in all aspects of drywall. 

The Finishing Materials

The finishing materials are the keys to making sure the job goes smoothly, and it looks great when you are finished. You want to use specific materials such as

  • Mud: We use a mud and water mix which is easy to apply, with no lumps to create the right blend. 
  • Tape: We use a tape mesh and paper to seal the corners and spaces in between the panels. 

Our finishing materials make the job go smoother, and our skills give your walls an even finish.  

Completing the Drywall

Like an artist, our drywall process involves repeated steps until we get the best look. 

  • Taping: We go through using the taped mesh and paper tape to seal all the spaces and corners by hand. 
  • Mud: Once the tapping is finished, we apply the mud in one coat to cover all of the holes and gaps in the drywall. We let the first coat dry for several hours and come back and apply a second coat. 
  • Sanding: Next, we take sandpaper and water to smooth out all of the rough spots on the drywall surface. We repeat the process until there are no spots; you need a sharp eye and experience to make the drywall level. 
  • Priming and Painting: We typically apply at least one coat of primer to seal the drywall and two coats of paint to create a smooth and beautiful finish. 

The end process makes the drywall texturing in Tamarac have a professional look that lasts for many years. Drywall is an art that requires experience, knowledge, skill, and a specific touch to make everything perfect. Call Fast Finish Interior & Exterior today at 754-245-2890 and see how you can put our skills to work. We are minutes away from North University Drive, near Planet Fitness, Golden Corral, and Burger King.