Drywall Repair and Patching

Drywall Repairs Fort Lauderdale

Drywall Repair and Patching

At Fast Finish Drywall, we don’t just handle the large jobs. We are here to help with those small repairs as well. If you have holes in your drywall or old taping that is starting to show through and require patching, let us give you a free quote to have these problem areas repaired.Just call (754) 245-2890 or click the following link for your drywall repair estimate.

We can help with a variety of drywall repair jobs:

Small cracking
Larger holes
Nail Pops
Small Cracking

Small repairs may require nothing more than sanding existing blemishes from your walls and applying either caulk or drywall joint compound to the area. A final finish sanding and the job should be ready to paint or texture.

Larger Holes

The size of the hole will determine what type of repair is needed. Larger areas may require damaged drywall to be removed and reinforcement lumber to be installed. A new piece of drywall can be installed and taped into the hole. Joint compound is applied to the seams and they are sanded until smooth.

If the hole is not extremely large a simple mesh reinforcing tape may be used instead of drywall tape. This gives the patch more strength to hold up over the larger area.

Nail Pops

One annoying problem that occurs on walls is what is known as ‘nail pops’. This is when nails that were used to hold the drywall in place has worked loose and has started popping out from the wall. These create bumps in your walls. Often, paint will crack and chip from around these nails. We are experts at removing the existing nails (or screws) and replacing with new, secure ones. Joint compound is used to patch over the new fastener and the problem is gone!

If your home needs a just little help with those annoying cracks and crevasses, feel free to contact Fast Finish Drywall at (754) 245-2890 FREE FREE or click here for your drywall repair estimate. We will provide a free estimate for your repair work. Not only do we do great drywall work, we care about your home. We protect all furniture and floors as we work. Our fast, courteous drywall experts will complete your job in no time.